Friday, August 13, 2010


"Serial Stabber" Arrested at Atlanta Airport is Arab Muslim From Israel

Fox news is reporting it -- Geraldo just told us on Fox and Friends that the guy nabbed for stabbing and hammering to death five men and wounding 13 others is an Arab Muslim. I already knew he was from Israel. But this latest revelation is why all the other stations have dropped the story. It's just another example of the liberals' double-standard when it comes to media reportage. When the vermin was still on the run the media were screaming to be on the look out for a white man who was killing and wounding black men, he's a racist it's a hate crime, watch out for the white man!!!

Now that it's a Muslim he gets a free pass. We probably will hear one more blurb from ABCBSNBC and CNN and MSLSD in a couple of years when this freak is finally convicted and sentenced but by then people outside the region where the crimes were committed will have forgotten all about the story, and the lamestream media will never report that he is a Muslim during the 30-second pieces covering the sentencing trial. This type of double-standard is why all the network and cable news outlets besides Fox are failing, and why the newspaper and magazine industries are virtual graveyards.

The media love to use any story they can find as an excuse to demonize white, conservative, Christian Americans, especially if they are men and especially when they are straight men. This overnight flip-flop in the amount and type of coverage on this guy is a perfect example of the game they play with the public. Black people, illegal aliens, gay people like the insane JetBlue flight attendant who is current a media hero, Muslims, it doesn't matter what protected class they belong to. They're the un-Tea Party, according to the media (which is another lie -- the Tea Parties are all-inclusive). They help "protect" their precious protected classes against the evil white churchgoers and gun owners of America.

The media are the worst driver of racial division in the United States, as well as nearly every other sort of division that can be created between two different groups of citizens. They've made an industry of it. That industry is failing, falling apart almost as quickly as the second biggest driver of tensions between Americans -- Barry Hussein Soetoro, their God, their rock star, their American idolator. The American people are savvy enough to see the media lies, obfuscation and spin. Soon, you might see MSNBC sold off of the price of $1.00 as Newsweek just was. "I'd buy that for a dollar!" ...just to be able to personally fire Keith Oldermann, Rachel Madcow and the Amazing Mr. Ed.

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