Thursday, August 12, 2010

Defrauding the Fraudsters?

U.K. Media Claim Americans Filing False Claims, Defrauding BP

I understand the British media's nationalistic bent and that they are naturally protective of one of their country's biggest companies. But for them to come out today and accuse local fishermen of defrauding BP is outrageous. Some of that will happen, as always does after a major disaster. People were caught defrauding the federal government after 9/11, filing false claims for compensation. The same thing happened to the insurance companies after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. BP have every right to use our legal system to prosecute criminals who do attempt to defraud them. Just because the company has raised my ire over their handling of the Gulf oil disaster, which I still maintain may very well not have been an unforeseen accident, I think they have every right to prosecute such criminals.

I also believe that BP's upper management and operations people are criminals, the few who know the real truth of what has happened these last months. And I believe that our media should be screaming back across the Atlantic that we, every single American, have been defrauded by BP itself and demanding reparations. But they won't because of the bad timing, with us now being less than 100 days away from the elections in November. I truly believe the legal firestorm that will follow in the years after BP declare this thing over and done with will last for decades. I hope it does, because they are the fraudsters and criminals.

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  1. Fox news is great at defending the bankster fruadsters.