Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deep C Mystery

Well now it's started. BP have pulled the first pair of their ROVs out of the water and are reporting on their web site that the ROVs and their mothership have been removed from the MC252 Operations Plan. A quick check of the satellite tracking the Boa Deep C confirms this. Here is the track, showing that four days ago, the last signal picked up by the satellite, the Deep C was headed back to and almost in port.

I am curious as to why Deep C is allegedly out of MC252 when it was the ship operating one of only two pairs of rovers providing any useful video to us and to the media. Ocean Intervention's ROVs were also important during the first phase of the oil disaster, and were there before the Skandi Neptune arrived with its twin subs (the ones that provided my "conspiracy" videos), but these have not been doing much of use the last couple months.

I have been watching the ROV camera live feeds page since BP were forced by the government to provide those streams to the public. I would like to know why, at a critical juncture in BP's supposed attempt to finish the two relief wells and "bottom kill" the only well which they admit exist, they dismissed one of the two important observation platforms. Logic would dictate that the company have all available ROV cameras down there to witness what happens at various locations on their equipment when the "bottom kill" cement is pumped in.

If BP were looking to save money, they would have sent away one of the ships whose subs' cameras never show us anything useful, like the Q4000's, which not an exploration vessel but the one which was burning off the oil. Since 76% of the oil, according to the government and BP, has mysteriously vanished, why are they paying for that ship to be there? Why are they paying for the Enterprise and its cameras which I have never seen actually online? The entire time they've been supposedly available to the public but all I've seen are black screens. Why pay for Olypic Challenger's camera, both of which usually display only a color bar test pattern, and only on occasion a piece of equipment. And why pay for Hos, whose ROV 2 has been staring at the same gauge for weeks?

I won't go into conspiracy theory any further at this point. But why also did Boa Deep C, the ship which was providing critical video and now is supposed to have been sent away by BP, disappeared off the satellite tracking map? That's right -- it's last known position is from over four days ago. Maybe it will suddenly reappear in port, or maybe there's a logical explanation, for example if the tracking systems are routinely powered down while moored in port. But the last known position of Deep C is still far from land. That was four days ago, and the Marine Traffic web site does not list any known port calls. So where is the ship and her ROVs today? Follow the story yourself:

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