Wednesday, August 11, 2010

November Lame

Black Couple Claim Home Sale Refused Due to Race

From "November Rain" to November lame in 19 short years. The Dimocrats are using their shills in the media in a lame attempt at a full-court press to convince the less intelligent among us that there is a sudden outburst of racism in America, just in time for elections a couple of months away. Never mind that reverse racism is running rampant, with white Americans being more often the target than those targeting others. We have MECHA and La Raza running around, pulling American flags down off of buildings, school children themselves of Hispanic origin were sent home from school in San Fransicko because they dared wear shirts with the flag printed on them, illegal alien criminal vermin in rallies have threatened to kill white people with their tools, but the media only ever cover stories of alleged racism on the part of white people against blacks or Latinos.

It's not going to work, you submorons in the media. I think that the biggest sea change among the general public during these awful months in which we've been under the reign of Barry Hussein Soetoro is that the people have finally nearly all learned that neither government nor media can be trusted. Not a single bit. Everything that either say must be taken with a ton of salt. I have no idea if a black couple were really refused their attempted home purchase because of evil white racists. What I can say for certain is that it is a non-story either way, of local importance but not deserving, as a lone incident, of national attention.

But national attention is what the alleged story gets, because racism has been picked by the DNC as being the key to their coming, sweeping victories in November. It's not going to work, you brain-damaged fools in Washington. You're out, it's over, go to work for Goldman-Sachs and leave us alone already. What I fear is the damage that the lame-duck Congress will do to us in the two months between their defeat and their expulsion...

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