Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Short Circuit

False Pretense Being Used to Push Cybersecurity Bill

I already knew this but now it's out in virtual print. One of the main talking points that Joe Lieberman and the rest of our idiot Congress have been using to hype up the need for a Cybersecurity act has been that we are at grave risk of terror cyberattacks on our power plants, water processing plants and other key infrastructure. But the truth is that the computer systems that run these installations are not connected to the internet, and furthermore they use proprietary hardware and run proprietary operating systems and applications, making them inscrutable to hackers. Thus their argument is short-circuited.

The government wants Cyber"security" because it codifies power for them to monitor every single byte of data that comes into and out from your PCs. They already are doing this but if the Act is passed they will do it openly. And, as some media have covered, it will give Barry Soetoro a kill-switch to shut off the entire internet during a national emergency. And as we all know, thanks to G.W.'s executive order, a "national emergency" is literally anything the president deems it to be. So, for example, if Michelle cannot find her favorite flavor of gourmet ice cream over there in Spain, Soetoro could declare that an emergency and shut off free speech in this country.

Cybersecurity is just one more way the globalists are trying to limit your ability to learn the truth and to communicate with others and spread that truth. It represents the end of free speech on the internet. I don't know about you all, but I don't want to have to pay another tax to get an Internet Driver's License and have a black box sitting next to my cable modem monitoring everything I do. Call or write your Senators and Irrepresentatives today -- say no to Cyberinsecurity.


  1. Sure - one of the greatest achilles heels of these heels is that they get minions to sit at computers for them - so they're never up to speed, except on hype.

    Even now they are faking 'internet control' - it cannot be done - full stop, no commas.

    the Web, yes, IPv6 will do for that but ARPA, JA, Use and Freenet work at a quite different, more fundamental level. If that goes down so do they ;-)