Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Storm Warning

The DDIII relief well is currently at 17909 ft. Based on the National Hurricane Center prediction of a 60% chance of a tropical cyclone forming in the GoM, a decision was taken to suspend drilling activity, set a storm packer and remain on location.

Shocking! Another delay in BP's efforts to kill their well from hell. Less than 100 feet away from connecting the relief well to the stricken well and they pull out because a tropical "cyclone" might form. Not very good form for a company which is telling everyone that it is doing all that is possible to end the Gulf oil disaster. I will be interested if they go ahead and pull all the ROVs out of the water for a couple days, like they did during Tropical Storm Bonnie, or, as Mike Rivero calls it, Cloud Bonnie, since it never developed into anything worse than a bad thunderstorm. Weather prediction is still more of a magic act than science, so no one knows how severe this depression in the Gulf will end up being. But I'll be watching the ROV cameras with an eagle eye no matter what BP do.

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