Saturday, August 14, 2010


So this is the new, hot story on CNN. Dr. Laura used the so-called "N-word" on her show in response to a caller's question. This dominated an entire hour of programming while I glanced back and forth between the televisions at my gym. This more important to the liberals than the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, more important than real-world unemployment numbers equal to and starting to exceed those of the Great Depression. "Ni**er" repeated a total of 11 times before and after a station break is more of our country's concern than is the global banking takeover, the Gulf oil disaster, the coming war with Iran and the fact that the elite have installed an illegal, socio-fascist, narcissistic psychopath in the Red House named Barry Soetoro.

These types of stories, when hustled on the American people by pimps like CNN and their willing partners, Jesse Hijackson and Al Sharktongue, are nothing more than a canard. Nothing. A distraction to draw your attention away from those real stories, the important ones, which affect all of our lives. I have heard Laura Schlesinger's shows a handful of times, and quickly switched stations because I simply am not interested in listening to people call up and be scolded by the woman. I'm sure her show is valuable to her listeners, I simply have no stake in the question of whether or not she is the "R-word," which the Dimocrats and "progressives" love to throw around whenever they run into something or someone they don't like.

Black people have become so comfortable with their capital-letter word that they sling it around left and right in rap and hip hop music and in movies directed by those like Spike Lee. I have no stake in that either -- I do not consume those products so I don't care what language is used. It's called the First Amendment. I do have a stake in the capital-letter word that white people have hamstrung themselves with, "racist." The psycho-libs, the Berkeley type, saddled this nation thirty years ago with this mislabeled term called political correctness. Michael Savage renamed it political cowardice and I fully agree.

It's enough already with the white-guilt meme in the media. Everyone in this country is equal as a creation of God. Every single person in the country who is of able body and mind has the opportunity to succeed and excel. The sky is the limit in America for the time being, before the globalists complete their endgame. And thanks to the criminal government we suffer under, even the illegal aliens get their chance at the American dream.

It's time for people to stop being distracted by canards like a third-rate radio host using a controversial term. We all, myself included, need to do a better job filtering out the noise from the media and picking up the signal -- America as we have known it all of our lives is scant years away from becoming a memory. The current timeline the globalist elite are working with states that they will completely collapse the dollar in 2012. That gives us two years, plus or minus a few months, to fix things peacefully in this country.

I have news for the brainwashed but well-meaning submorons over there at CNN -- you're not making it out of the maw of the globalists who control you behind the scenes. Unless you happen to be among the 500 million people they're planning to leave alive to farm their fields, maintain their manufacturing plants and breed more child sex slaves, you're in the same boat as those whom you currently hate -- the God-fearing, gun owning red-blooded America. And we will be there to fight to save you along with ourselves.

I don't want to see the poor fools at CNN or the three big networks or even those whom I personally detest at MSNBC suffer any harm at the hands of the globalists. We all have to fight together if we are to defeat them. Imagine what a powerful sea change it would be if these people in the media could somehow step outside their normal mental crawlspace, view things in a circumspect manner, and realize what the important stories really are. If they could just do the adult thing and admit that maybe they've been wrong and telling untruths about race relations in America, about the global banking takeover, and that Republicans aren't actually radical racists who want to kill everyone who, as Dr. Laura put it, have differing levels of melanin in their skin.

We don't care about that. That is one problem, thank God, that has been eradicated in the vast majority of America. Only you are constantly barraged by stories of white racism and this keeps the whole dynamic, the whole argument going. Any moving object will necessarily eventually come to a halt at some point if more energy is not introduced in order to continue propelling it. Even in the vacuum of space objects like the Voyager observation platforms will stop their forward motion because there is no such thing as a perfect vacuum -- there are always particles in motion around them.

There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum except for the intellectual dishonesty of some ├╝ber-left-wing liberals. If they would stop pushing the fake story of rampant white racism the story would cease to exist. They picked up their own fumble, blaming an evil white racist for having stabbed those poor people in Michigan and two other states, and they are now running with the Dr. Laura story. This sick game needs to end. It's time to end the left vs. right bickering and unite to fight the real thought criminals -- the globalist elite and their bankster minions, who do not care so much what race a "meatbag," a regular citizen is. They just care to make certain that you no longer have a pulse in the near-distant future.

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