Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Czech Military Training With Texas National Guard for Disaster Response

We Infowarriors are mounting a fierce battle in this chess game against the globalist elite, but they are introducing a new playing piece in order to try and control us all -- foreign military within the borders of the United States. For over a decade Alex Jones has been monitoring troops from overseas training with our own military and National Guard. It's happening again.

Further bridging the spirit of cooperation, even service members from the Czech Republic and Chilean armies supported OLS this year.

How nice -- everyone wants the "spirit of cooperation," how could you be against such a thing? I'm against it because they are not training for natural disasters. They are training, as Soetoro's people would call them, "man-caused disasters," and not those carried out by impoverished Muslims. The military are training to herd you into FEMA work camps once the final phase of the globalist takeover of America is green-lighted. And we are being trained to accept our own military working with police, in violation of posse comitatus and to accept the presence and "assistance" of foreign military. This is an extremely dangerous development and an indication that the final phase is quite near.

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