Thursday, August 12, 2010


Students at Lincoln Memorial Ordered to Stop Singing National Anthem

"...a group of students were confronted by a security guard for singing the national anthem.
The students, members of the conservative Young America’s Foundation, were told by U.S. Park Police that they were "were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain 'completely content neutral...'"

I can guarantee you that if a group of Muslims started dropping prayer rugs on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, orienting themselves toward Mecca and chanting their Islamic prayers in unison they would be left alone. If a band of gays and lesbians started singing sort of protest song against Proposition 8 in California they would be untouched. If a gang of criminal, verminous illegal aliens started singing at the Memorial in Spanish they would probably be brought food, drink and soft serve ice cream by the park police, since they are a protected class.

But upright Americans, young conservative kids, started to sing the Star Spangled Banner, so they were immediately silenced. This is part of national effort on the part of the globalists, using their puppets in the government and law enforcement, to tear down traditional, conservative America. In San Franpsycho kids can no longer wear shirts bearing the image of the American flag to school without being sent home. Now kids visiting Washington cannot sing the song which represents the struggle which our founding fathers and brave soldiers fought to give us the freedoms that the government is now scrambling to denude us of.

We are in a situation which is now worse than that of the common people in Nazi Germany. I hate comparing this and that to the Nazis because the media and congress do that so much it has become old and tired. We are living in a country much closer to that of East Germany after World War II. It's even worse than those poor people had it -- they only had to deal with the massive human intelligence force called the Stasi. We have our own version of the Stasi, whose name we don't yet know, but which was revealed in that Washington Post exposé last month, 854,000 private agents given the highest security clearance to electronically monitor us all. Project "Recorded Future" being carried out by a company of the same name under contract with the federal government to compile "real-time dossiers" on everyone in the country except the illegal aliens.

We are not far away at all from a time when we will be silenced not by verbal order but by threat and use of violence. And if you don't believe that is coming, barring some sort of massive, peaceful revolution in this country, I won't be mean and say "It old you so" when it does start to happen. We are a short few years away from this under the globalist command-and-control system which Daddy Bush, Slick Willie, Bush the Lesser and Barry Soetoro have put in place. And Barry's not done yet. If Cyber"security" passes, that's it. Free speech on the net silenced. And it won't be too long after that that people like me will never be heard from again.

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