Friday, August 6, 2010

18 and Life

Google translation of Original Spanish-Language Article

Note that the translation is rough like all automated translations tend to be. I tried to clean it up a bit while leaving the claims intact. I found the link a summary article from Pravda on but these quotes are from the original, longer article in the Spanish language.

"A disturbing report circulating today by the Kremlin and was prepared for Prime Minister Putin from Sagalevich Anatoly Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian warns that the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico has been broken 'beyond repair' and our planet should start preparing for an ecological disaster 'beyond comprehension' unless undertaken 'extraordinary measures' to stop the massive flow of oil to the eleventh largest water body in the world."

"Sagalevich [found] according to the report, [that] the oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico is not well, leaving only the [one 'shown to] Americans on television', but at least another 18 sites on the fractured seafloor 'the largest being 11 km (7 miles) from where it sank the Deepwater Horizon' and is throwing up these precious bubbling water with about 2 million gallons of oil per day."

This article is from the end of June but it speaks to what have been my worst fears -- that the ocean floor is already compromised in many locations, and that the "giant roiling cauldron" of which Lindsey Williams' and others' sources speak may be the one 11km away from Well B, where Deepwater Horizon exploded.

18 different leak points, at least, that this scientist, evidently quite revered in Mother Russia, believes he's traced to oil back to. His curriculum vitae includes having invented the world's deepest-diving submersible craft, so obviously he knows something of undersea exploration. This man is advocating for the use of an underwater, low-yield nuclear detonation to try and fuse the seabed into a giant glass ceiling to keep the rest of the oil from escaping.

He estimates that at its current rate of leakage, the petroleum deposit will take 30 years to exhaust itself to the point where the pressure of the water sitting on top of it will equalize with that of the oil and methane remaining underground, and that this will be the de facto end of the Atlantic Ocean. And since all the oceans are really one the same, I don't see why it wouldn't do at least some damage to the rest of the world.

If this is true, that the seabed is compromised for miles around area MC252, and the nuclear option is the only way to truly stop the oil and gas, we may now have the final piece of the puzzle as to the curious fraud of BP showing us all Well A on TV rather than Well B. Maybe President Soetoro want to wait until just after the polls close in November, then announce that his Czars and Czarinas have found troubling new evidence of the sea floor being cracked.

This just in, the talking heads on television will break in with, it now appears that more oil has started to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, but before you jump to conclusions, it is not BP's fault. Mother Nature has dealt us a cruel blow, they will say, and then a quick cut to a very concerned-looking Barry Soetoro, with his brow furrowed quite severely. And the crawl will read "PRESIDENT OBAMA ADDRESSES THE NATION ON USING NUKE IN GULF OF MEXICO."

And then the America and the entire world will hold our collective breath while the countdown to one or more underwater detonations ticks by on the TV. A minimum of 18 leakage points is a lot to hope can be closed with a nuclear strike underwater. But if this esteemed Russian scientist is correct, it may be the only way to save the Atlantic Ocean. Because the vast majority of the oil and methane is still trapped down in that giant cavern deep below the ocean floor, and what has come out already has been like a trickle through a tiny leak in a dam just starting to crack.

The longer the government and BP wait to nuke the seabed, if this does turn out to be necessary, the less chance it will have of success. Due to the law of entropy the sea floor cannot be made to have more integrity by any natural process I can think of. It's already in a semi-Swiss cheese like state around the Macondo well, and the best that can happen is that it not deteriorate further. But there is enormous pressure from the petroleum pushing outward, wanting to escape into the water, and I think it likely that more natural vents will form in the days before the November elections are in the books.

If this really is the situation in the Gulf of Mexico and if the president knows it, he is committing a very serious crime of omission by stalling the only possible corrective measure, hoping to lose as few seats as possible in the House and the Senate and in the governors' races. None of we "little people," as BP's royal muckety-muck called us, know for sure what's going on down there.

All we know is that we are not being told the truth and are being actively lied to on a nearly daily basis by both that company and by our government. If the Russian is right, and only fate will determine whether we successfully nuke and seal the entire area, or a nuclear detonation fails to seal the petroleum deposit, or whether BP and Barry fail to even try, we should all be very, very concerned. All life in the Gulf of Mexico and probably along the Eastern Seaboard is at risk from the Russian scientists 18 holes, and still we are being fed the lie that the well is capped and everything is rainbows and unicorns -- Vote Democrat!!!

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