Monday, August 2, 2010

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Lady Gaga Uses Concert to Protest Arizona Law

It's amazing to me that "celebrities" think that their political opinions are any more valuable than those of the average citizens, their fans. In the latest example of a famous idiot spouting half-baked opinions to her adoring followers, the bizarre creature who calls herself Lady Gaga has said that she "will hold" the people of Arizona and "peaceably protest" the state and their new immigration law. Evidently Ms. Gaga, along with the horde of criminal illegal aliens in Arizona, has not yet received the news of Judge Bolton's castration of the law. But she is very busy on tour, so perhaps that is understandable.

The kind of people who are her biggest fans are probably of average or below-average intelligence and easily malleable. If Lady Gaga says that Arizona and the white people are vicious bigots and racists, then it must be so. Maybe she could perform an experiment in the field -- infiltrate Mexico City without her papers and in disguise so that no one will detect her true identity and her enormous fame and influence. See how it takes her to be thrown in prison and the inmates and guards in that wonderful country to start performing unspeakable acts upon her. Put a gag in it, Lady.

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