Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Bit Pricey

U.K. Gov't: We Spent £1.2 Billion on H1N1 Shot to Save 26 Lives

That is not a typo, the British government now admits just over two dozen people were "saved" by the swine flu vaccine that cost taxpayers in that country the equivalent of nearly two billion dollars. But the real question is how many were killed or made ill by the vaccine? It is now admitted by the WHO at the U.N. that the entire H1N1 affair was a scandal and a scam designed to give tens of billions of dollars worldwide to the big pharmaceutical companies. The operation was largely successful, and no one will go to prison for it, you can be sure. But maybe people will be more receptive to "conspiracy theories" the next time the globalists try to forcibly medicate everyone.

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