Saturday, August 7, 2010

Breach of Puss

Connecticut Man Arrested for Thought Crime

If you don't already think we're living in 1984 here is another piece of evidence -- a man has been arrested for talking about the shooting rampage carried out a few days ago. He is charged with breach of peace and faces trial. Never mind the fact that he neither threatened anyone nor said that the murders were good thing, none of that. This person simply commented that he could understand the killer's mindset.

That is now a crime in the new, globalist-controlled Amerika. Orwell's thought criminals are now us. Let's face it, the Constitution and Bill of Rights exist now only, as George W. Bush once commented, "goddamned pieces of paper." The collapse of the United States has been planned for nearly a century, starting with the introduction of the Federal Reserve criminal banking system, but the implementation of that collapse has accelerated greatly in the last decade.

The government attacked New York and the Pentagon and attempted, evidently to also fly a jet into either the White House or the Capitol building on the eleventh day in September of 2001. It is stunning to look back to that date and compare what America was like before that false flag terror to what we are living through now. In less than a decade nearly all of our freedoms and rights have been stripped away, and we now find ourselves in a police state. But the people who run the government are a group of pusses at heart. They don't have the guts to stand toe to toe with red-blooded Americans, so they hide in their Capitol, in their social clubs, in their own closed circle. They are trying to provoke an armed rebellion. It must not happen.

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