Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"Minority Report" Style Billboards to Target Individuals

Minority Report is an excellent film. It is also another example of the media programming you to accept the globalists' plans. Whether Spielberg is a willing partner in this programming or whether the idea behind his movie came from a natural, organic detection in the subconscious is academic -- the result is what is important. These billboards which will detect your identity and target you for specific advertising will be annoying and creepy. The rest of the Minority Report universe is far more frightening.

Think of the news that has been announced in the past week, that Google is CIA and that they are using Recorded Future to compile and collate all of your online activities in order to create "real-time dossiers" on you. We are but a hair's breadth distant from Orwell's total paramilitary police state where dissenters are arrested for thought crimes, what he called "pre-crime," or simply disappeared, tortured or murdered. It's all coming. There are spy chips in your underwear and T-shirt packages today, computerized billboards will call out to you by name tomorrow, and people like me will be imprisoned or worse after that. The timeline is compressing at a very scary rate, and the future is racing toward us all.

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