Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boo Scouts of America

Good job by the Boy Scouts, booing the giant projected image of Dear Leader Barry Soetoro at their national conference. This president declined to attend the gathering, defying a long-standing tradition. But I guess that shouldn't come as very much of a surprise. Soetoro's job, as ordered by the globalists, is quite simply to tear America apart, to as great an extent as is possible and to do so as quickly as possible. The common people of the United States, represented in this case by the Boy Scouts, are the single greatest threat that the Illuminists face.

Traditional, family oriented, religious conservative America is anathema to the elite ruling class. To the inbred, insane royal families of England and Europe, to the bankster families like the Rockefellers and to the new money barons like Bill Gates and George Soros, we regular folk are a different species. It's the same mindset that allowed Adolf Schikelgruber, a.k.a. Hitler, to shoot, incinerate and work to death 6 million Jews and an equal number of other undesirables.

We are the new target. The Boy Scouts are a target. Barry Soetoro snubbed them on purpose to send a clear message -- if that organization continues to hold up as sacred the traditions of this country, their days are numbered. You see, the homosexual lobby has been furiously trying to destroy the Boy Scouts because of their belief that gays shouldn't be allowed in as troop leaders. That and the fact that they teach boys how to grow up to be patriotic men who know how to take care of themselves and those around them.

President Soetoro is no Boy Scout; he couldn't hold a candle to a Weeblo in terms of being an American. So it is natural that instead of doing the honorable thing, as his predecessors made a point of doing, he literally mailed in his performance. and that's really all that Barry is -- a performance artist, an actor. A reader of Tele-Prompters. A hand puppet. A vermin of the lowest order, and the Boy Scouts know it. Congratulations to them for having the stones to voice their displeasure.

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