Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exit Stage 3

Iran Building 3-Stage ICBM

Normally people speak of exiting either stage left or right. Iran is planning to construct a missile which will allow it to exit the Earth's gravity and place a satellite over 600 miles out in orbit. Which is all well and good except that they already have missiles which can put satellites in orbit and have already done just that.

The issue here is that platforms for launching payloads into space are identical to those which can lob nuclear warheads toward enemy territory. Read the history of the Soviet and U.S. space programs and you will find that at every step, the militaries were working hand in hand with the civilian agencies to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. America's first satellite put successfully in orbit was launched on a modified version of the Nazi's V-2 "vengeance weapon." The Soviets launched Sputnik using the R-7 missile that they designed to have the capability to raise the ambient temperature over New York or Washington by several million degrees.

In fact the only launch system that either government uses which was not designed for a military purpose is that which launches the Space Shuttle. So Iran is playing a dangerous game at a time when they should not be. But A-mad-jihad over there want the apocalypse so that the fabled Imam will emerge from his hidey-hole and so that the grand Caliphate will once again rule the globe. That missile, if tested successfully, will mean that America and any other nation will be susceptible to nuclear attack by that madman. And as soon as they think they have a working nuclear bomb or missile, a large swath of Israel or a major American city will cease to exist.

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