Monday, August 2, 2010


Secret Gov't Spy Project Emerges at Defcon, Now in the Open

"Project Vigilant..." How nice a name, how patriotic. From the very same government that just days ago admitted that Google is CIA and both are tracking everything you do, in order to produce "real-time dossiers" on American citizens this comes. You can tell that this "vigilance" is a CIA product as well by the code names of their agents. The whistleblower they named "Lamo," which is an obvious insult toward those who would speak out against the government. The mystery man in the middle is Mr. "Uber," German for Superman. It's so obvious that a child could recognize the pattern.

The legality of this program is not even important, since we have been in a technical state of martial law since the last days of G.W., but the article tries to convince you that there are firewalls between your private data and "Vigilant:"

"We don't do anything illegal," says Uber. "If an ISP has a EULA to let us monitor traffic, we can work with them. If they don't, we can't."

But the ISPs do, and they, the government, are spying. Take an hour and read the EULA, or End User License Agreement, that comes with every piece of software you have ever installed on your computer or mobile device. It's usually a standard tome published under the GNU standards, but occasionally will contain specific clauses designed to immunize a particular company from certain possible legal damages.

But every one makes you digitally sign your rights away, in effect. In agreeing to use the program or Internet connection, you are signing your rights away, and that's what Project Vigilant is hiding behind. Project Vigilant's entire roster of hackers and IT experts would soil their shorts if confronted face-to-face by a single patriot, a single one of their surveillance targets. Project Vigilant would turn into Project Vagisil instantaneously if they had to stop hiding behind obfuscated protocols and virtual private networks.

The constitutional, Christian, conservative, gun-owning American red-blooded male adult is whom Project Vigilant was designed to detect and flag for termination. The Internet itself was developed and deployed by the NSA as a grid for electronic surveillance of every man, woman, child and illegal alien in the country. It has turned out somewhat badly for them -- we are using their own system against them. In the same way that a microphone freaks out when held against a speaker, or that a video camera produces unintelligible images when brought toward a mirror, we are using the very same Internet that Vigilant would like to against it.

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