Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mullen: U.S. Has A Plan To Strike Iran

Just in case, of course... Not that there are plans to implement that plan. Alex Jones and the other top thinkers in the "conspiracy" field believe that America and/or Israel will strike Iran in the next few months and probably will do so before our elections are to held in November. If that happens, don't count on getting the chance to vote, but that's my opinion, not necessarily theirs.

To the globalist elite who run the world, you and I, America, Israel and Iran are nothing more than pieces on their giant board game that is planet Earth. Think of it like the old game of Stratego -- losing a piece doesn't actually hurt the player, because it's just a game. The elite, thanks to their bankster minions, have amassed so much wealth and power that they are literally untouchable. They have hoarded precious metals, bought huge swaths of land in Latin America and other "safe zones" around the world, they have private armies to protect them and there's nothing you or I can do at this point that will make the slightest bit of difference to them.

Except, that is, if we move swiftly in a peaceful, surgical strike against their method of control -- if can take back the American Congress in November, if we can impeach Barry Soetoro and/or have him removed from office and tried for treason and fraud, once his real birth certificate is outed, we might have a chance. We have to change the game, because the globalists currently have it fixed and are cheating. It is impossible to win a fixed game in which your competitor has set the rules. We must restore a patriot government, dissolve the Federal Reserve and re-establish a true national banking system. And the globalists and banksters must be brought up on charges and given the very harshest possible punishment under our legal system. Only then do we have a chance to escape the looming, total command-and-control scientific fascist dictatorship that is only a few years away.

Iran must not be struck, even though I personally would love the temperature over Ahmedinejad's bunker complex to rise to several million degrees Centigrade. And Israel must neither be struck by Iran. The globalists set up the country of Israel after World War II in order to create a permanent, unstable tinderbox in the Middle East. They love to have the game set up where everyone is fighting with everyone else. War and turmoil are what feed the globalists' empire. Peace would be a game-changer, and they will do anything to keep that from ever happening.

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