Thursday, August 5, 2010


I try to give credit to the originators of ideas that I pick up and run with, so kudos to Mike Rivero for this theory and very easy-to-understand analogy. He said on the radio today that one of the reasons why the oil has "disappeared" is due to three things -- the physical properties of oil and water, the 40+ million gallons of Corexit dumped into the sea, and Tropical Storm Bonnie.

As you know, water and oil are immiscible with each other -- they cannot mix and oil always floats on top of water. Except when Corexit is chemically attached to it, that is. I've told you how Corexit works many times before, but it acts by making oil heavier than water. So the oil in the areas affected by Corexit no longer floats on the surface in one big slick, instead being dispersed into small droplets floating at all depths beneath the surface, depending on the precise ratios of Corexit to attached oil.

Then along comes Bonnie to shake the whole situation in the Gulf up, literally. Rivero explained it like this -- you buy a bottle of oil-and-vinegar salad dressing from the store and the oil is floating on top of the vinegar with an absolute line of demarcation between the two. Then, before you pour some onto your salad, you have to shake the bottle vigorously to mix the two liquids well. That's what Bonnie did, in effect, by stirring up the water in the Gulf with its strong winds.

The oil already was below the surface in large amounts, and Bonnie shook the whole ocean up and allowed the already dispersed, diversely located oil droplets to be essentially even out in terms of concentration in any give area even more. And it takes a while for even an 8-ounce bottle of salad dressing to return from its mixed state to its separated state. The ocean is of a bit larger volume than that, so naturally the oil has "disappeared."

It's just that it has dipped below the surface and has been mixed quite well throughout that enormous amount of water. Almost all of that invisible oil will return to the surface after the Corexit breaks down into its toxic chemical components and loses the ability to keep binding to oil. But since it has been spread so evenly throughout the subsurface water, so evilly by BP in order to pretend the crisis is not a crisis, you probably will not see oil slicks return, at least not of the sizes we've seen where they can be spotted by satellite, much less by plane or boat.

But all those hundreds of millions of gallons of oil will return to the surface, still dispersed into small packets but no longer heavier than water, and all those trillions of oil droplets will wash ashore. In every way what BP have been allowed to do by Soetoro's admmonsteration have made the environmental impact of the entire affair much worse than if they had left the oil un-dispersed. As I wrote earlier, they were allegedly trying to collect the oil, skimming it and burning it off. And "disperse" is the opposite of "collect." Think of it like a shotgun blast to the Gulf using the smallest possible pellet size, instead of one monster .50BMG round. They simply broke the giant oil slicks into tiny parcels too small for the media cameras to see and allowed them to sink beneath the waves. Just another fraud and a lie from BP, Barry and the controlled, mindless media.

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