Friday, August 6, 2010


Whistleblower to Testify Before Senate: BP Hiding Oil With Corexit

"Fred McCallister, a whistleblower who claims BP is using dispersants to sink oil and hide it from the pesky media’s cameras, will testify before a Senate investigative panel this week."

Good, maybe when this testimony if offered one of the mindless, idiot enviro-wacko liberals or one of the fake conservative, corrupt Republicans will finally realize what is going on in the Gulf. The Congress should consider a bill requiring for BP itself to pay each and every dollar, in real time, that it will cost to do a true cleanup of the oil and methane and Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico. And if they fail to do so, language should be included empowering the government to seize the company, transfer control to a newly formed consortium of private industry energy firm partners, and continue extracting money from this newly formed, private energy corporation until all the damage has been paid for.

This is the only instance in which I would ever agree with the government seizing a private corporation -- I do not believe in nationalization of the type which we saw Soetoro taking over General Motors and Chrysler. What I have just suggested would not be nationalization per se, because the government would never be in control of the new firm. They would simply operate under an agreement with it that their profit be siphoned off for a period of time necessary to replenish the public coffers. Then, when restitution will be complete, the new company would be completely free to operate on its own with no further restrictions, just like all the other big energy companies do.

BP has been playing peekaboo with the American people and using a lazy, dumb and in some cases, paid-for media to perpetrate a hoax. Everyone with a brain knows the oil is still in the ocean, just hidden from view. Giant oil slicks will not reform on the surface of the water, thanks to Corexit, but as the dispersant breaks down in the environment all those little oil packets will rise and show themselves once more. And once they wash ashore there will be no more hiding the truth -- going from the vast volume of the Gulf's waters to the relatively tiny areas of the beaches between the high- and low-tide lines, the oil will once again accumulate and people will see it. It could take months, no one knows how long, and I certainly don't. Having more tropical storms and hurricanes would probably delay this, but it can't be put off forever. There isn't enough Corexit in the world for BP to be able to play their game forever.

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