Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adding Death to Injury

Florida Officer Tasers, Runs Over, Kills Teen on Bicycle

"The judge did not find [Officer] Ard's driving or firing the Taser out of his car window to be questionable in any way."

Of course the judge did not find any evidence of wrongdoing. Anything goes in these corrupt, Boss Hogg type jurisdictions. The cop was in his cruiser chasing a 17-year-old boy who was fleeing on a bicycle, gets mad that the kid refuses to stop, then Tasers him, and "accidentally" runs over him. The kid's dead, so before the EMS and investigators arrive, the verminous cop pulls an extra gun out of his glove box and plants it on the dead boy, still trapped under the cruiser. And he gets away with it with no punishment whatsoever. The police in many areas of the country now are much more of a danger and detriment to the communities they pretend to "protect and serve" than they are a benefit.

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  1. Their should be a way to track the movement of the police so the citizens are aware of any pattern that might be found among their daily shifts. As far as the accidental death of the seventeen year old goes the cop could have just said it was an accident instead of claiming that the seventeen year old was armed. The police generally use profiles to flag suspects. Its easy to spot a cop in a unmarked squad car. They drive differently from regular drivers. They drive more slowly and track way behind a car. Its easy to avoid encounters with the police if you know their habits. Its very easy to define their habits. Never pull over on a public street even if its just for a few minuties making things easy for a cop is always a bad idea. They will most likely pick the most obvious target out their. Never buy a bright colored car orange red yellow for example worse yet never buy a sportscar that has a bright color orange red yellow. The brighter and more pronounced the color of your car the higher the likelyhood that you will be pulled over. Never be the one lone wolf people are a cops worst fear whan theirs lots of them around everything he does is their for everyone to see.. By a lone wolf I mean never park walk around late at night when theirs nobody else around for example.. If its necessary to pul over find a parking lot that has lots of cars in the lot never pull over in a lot next to a vacant building your asking to become a target. If a police officer does pull you over never be evasive be polite and answer his questions but thats all you want to avoid a conversation with the officer if possible. Never consent to a search of your car..