Friday, August 6, 2010

Eyes in the Sky

New Satellite Photos Show Oil Has Not Disappeared

Thanks once more to Mike Rivero at for discovering this gem of a story. You know the hundreds of millions of gallons of oil that Barry Soetoro, Thad Allen and BP say magically went away? It didn't. Behold:

MODIS Satellite Image, 30 July 2010

It's too hard to see the detail in the small column I have to work with here, so I suggest you pull up the article above for a better view. You can download a very large, high-resolution image by clicking this link, right-clicking on the photo and choosing "Original." You can do the same for a photo, or rather a visualized radar return from RADARSAT with this link.

RADARSAT Image 28 July 2010

One does not need a degree in petroleum engineering nor oceanography to clearly see that the oil is still out there. What we do not know is how sensitive these satellites are to subsurface oil. It may be that most of the oil still is below the surface as I have theorized, due to the Corexit and Bonnie mixing the Gulf up, and that may be why the RADARSAT image shows more contrast between the oil and water than the MODIS camera, which likely cannot detect oil at any depths more than the human eye or media video cameras can.

But the oil is there, not having been spirited away to petroleum heaven by magical, altruistic ocean faeries. And, according to the article, covered an area of almost 12,000 square miles. One more lie for President Pinnochio and his lackeys, one more lie from BP, one more reason why people in the five Gulf states have every reason to be as worried as ever.


  1. Thank you for all your great research at getting to the truth. This video shows you right!