Thursday, August 5, 2010


Barry did it -- he got Ms. Toad through the laughable, rubber-stamp nomination process. So now we will have not one but two young, socio-fascist, anti-American, anti-Constitution lesbians on the Supreme Court. The fact that Sotomayor and Kagan are both lesbian normally would make no more difference to me than if they were the cashiers at my local grocery store or made my food at a restaurant. What concerns me about this nomination and that of Sotomayor is that, like the verminous judge that yesterday overrode the votes of 7 million Californians on the issue of gay marriage, these two women are biased and are activists who will ignore law and tradition and use their power to alter America at its core.

There is no doubt that these two will vote against any national definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. There are also rumors swirling about from the seedy underbelly of Chicago that may help explain why these two were chosen by Soetoro. Wayne Madsen reported in a subscribers-only newsletter that "Obama" and Rahm Emanuel both belong to a fancy gay bathhouse in Chicago called Man's Club. Again, I wouldn't care if Barry was an AC/DC fan except that he is in charge of the day-to-day operation of this country, carrying out his orders from the globalists.

So I think that now we should refer to the Supreme Court as still having nine members, but only seven seats. Kagan and Sotomayor will be more comfortable if their two chairs are removed and replaced with toadstools, because toadies of Soetoro are exactly what they are. And our illegal alien president is a toadie of the globalist elite who are bound and determined to destroy America from within.

Michael Savage's show yesterday was a startling revelation as to the reason why the gay marriage issue enjoys so much fervor, time and money from the "progressives," which is code for Communists. He said the progressives need to destroy the traditional American family in order to complete their societal takeover. Savage explained that the liberals must shatter the traditional family unit of one wife, one husband and one or more children as the normal, accepted way that people plan their lives and go forward.

Once the traditional family is not considered the best way to live, once it becomes "uncool," then the government can gain even more control over the sheoples' lives. They're already dictating what people can eat, what type of light bulb you are allowed to use, how much water your toilet may use per flush, and a million other aspects of our lives. But traditional, conservative America has one last bastion where we feel safe -- at home with our families and friends. The tiny enclaves that are our homes are like bunkers where we can get some rest and where we are still largely free to enjoy ourselves.

The government and their controllers want to break that nasty habit of we citizens having children, teaching them the history of this once great republic, and giving them the tools they will need to grow up as intelligent, savvy patriots who will carry on the tradition of the enterprising, independent American. They must break that cycle if they are to be successful in stripping the last of our freedoms away.

This is why Barry Soetoro chose Elena Kagan. That is the ultimate goal. Savage said, and I fully agree, that the vast majority of gays and lesbians care not a whit about gay marriage. The issue is a red herring being used as a crowbar, to really get in and penetrate and pry away at traditional America. There was an idiot caller yesterday to the show who asked Savage to read him a Bible verse wherein it is stated that marriage is between one man and one woman. The answer is that that was never written because it so obvious as to have been unnecessary to waste ink on.

Homosexuality is a natural condition, probably genetic in nature. Gays and lesbians should not be ashamed of the way they are. But they should not use sexuality as a wedge to try to change the country for the rest of the people. I think the liberal estimates peg the fraction of people who are homosexual at around 5%. With any other issue, a 5% minority demanding that the other 95% of people change their ways to suit the minority's way of life, the issue would be dismissed out of hand. But the homosexual lobby has been given special status, along with Muslims and a few other select and insignificant groups.

So just you watch. It will probably years before the issue of a nationwide definition of marriage percolates all the way to the Supreme Court. But Kagan and Sotomayor are young. They have decades to wait, if necessary, sitting on their toadstools. And all during the meantime they will be voting to take away your freedoms and dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I was going to write that they will be voting left and right to do that, but I caught myself -- they will vote left and left. That's what toadies do.

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