Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Dying Nun

Illegal Drunk Driver Who Killed Nun Had Been Released By ICE

From The Flying Nun to a dying nun in one generation, as Michael Savage would say. This is your criminal, globalist-controlled government at work. This verminous, criminal illegal alien, a two-time past drunk driver, was let go, freed by Immigration and Customs un-Enforcement after local authorities handed the trash over to them. Third time's the charm -- he then proceeded to get hammered and in his vehicle again, and a nun died as the result. Behold the mouse-faced rat, because this is who Bill Clinton, Vicente Fox, G.W., Felipe Calderon and Barry Soetoro are being told by the globalists to let have free reign in your country:

But we are the thought criminals, and he is not a criminal. We white Americans are all racists because we do not want a border to exist between the United States and Mexico. Even though we've never had a racist thought or performed a racist action in our lives. But remember, ladies and gentlemen, as the government-media complex hammers into your heads, the "displaced travelers" and "undocumented workers" all come here to work, they love you, and they simply can't fathom why you wouldn't want them here.

But instead of deporting this bum, he will live out his sentence in a comfortable prison cell with three nutritious meals a day, be able to watch cable TV and access the Internet in the library, and have top-notch exercise equipment with which to train his body to be even more dangerous once he's let out by the dumb, liberal parole board. And he will be, sooner or later. "Mr. Montano" will be out on the streets again before he dies. Let's just hope he doesn't develop a repeat habit of killing nuns.

I've written over and over again that I do not place the primary blame for the illegal aliens here and the crimes they commit on them. I call them vermin, which the criminal element amongst them are, which is technically all of them since they break the law by simply being in America, but the real criminals and vermin are the globalists who want them here. The elite use the illegal Mexicans and the aliens of other nationalities as a de facto standing army, or, rather, a squatting, carpetbagging army. They are a tool being used to inject chaos into our country and deplete our resources. Given a choice between seeing "Mr. Montano" in county jail for the rest of life or George Soros and the rest of the super-elite brought to justice or even brought to the attention of the general public, I'd let the nun-murderer go and see the world-murderer face justice.

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