Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abortion by Inaction

Woman's Baby Miscarries While Awaiting Attention in Emergency Room

This is what you can expect when SoetoroCare goes into full effect, my friends.

"Fearing the worst, Handrahan and her husband, Michael, headed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s new emergency room.

There she waited more than three hours, blood seeping out of her jeans, tears rolling down her face as she feared she was losing her baby — or that she might be bleeding to death.

Still, she waited and waited.

More than three hours passed before Michael had enough."

Only, sadly, the poor unborn human being had had enough trauma. He or she, "it" to the media, died, and this was the fault of the non-existent hospital care that you can expect to enjoy if Barry Soetoro's signature health care plan's stipulations are allowed to take effect. But this is neither accident nor unforeseen consequence. The globalists want you damaged, infertile, disabled and destroyed. It's in their own publicly available documents. This is what happens in Europe and it is what will happen in America when the delayed portions of SoetoroCare are enacted. The globalists want you and I either dead or a rare, surviving slave, and they have plans in place to ensure that you become one or the other.

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