Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So not only have I caught BP feeding pictures and video of the wrong well to the media and public, but this man has caught them looping their video feed. This explains how BP can continually show a nice, clean capped well and crystal clear water while still being able to move the ROVs to Well B and monitor the oil and methane that are continuing to gush out of it. How long will it be before the first idiot in the mainstream media put two and two together? The oil disaster is not over -- the well is not capped, static kill did not and could not possible work, oil and gas are still coming out, they're just showing you Well A after Tropical Storm Bonnie gave them the excuse to pull the ROVs from the water.


  1. Observe the numbers 6. labelled on part of the machinery. That is 6. then divide 12 by 2 and you have 2 6's. There you have it..666. Glaringly obious and not to be ignored. Many people look but do not "see" these mark of the beast emblems/flags. Lookout for them, citizens,and you will see them proliferating everywhere.