Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"The bill filed Thursday by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) would change federal law by creating a procedure to question a suspected terrorist for up to four days before taking him or her to court without jeopardizing prosecutors’ ability to use statements made by a suspect during that time.

It would also express Congress’s view that authorities can delay reading Miranda warnings 'for as long as is necessary' to elicit intelligence from a terror suspect."

If this vermin has his way, and no doubt he will considering the criminals Pelosi and Reid control Congress and our president is an illegal alien patsy owned by the globalists, you will no longer enjoy Miranda rights. It will be a privilege, should the authorities decide to grant you that favor. You see, the government is using the false flag terror operations that they have carried out against America in order to strip you of all your rights, those afforded you by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and those which have developed since those founding documents.

True Islamic nutjob terrorist acts like the Fort Hood massacre are quite rare -- all of the incidents which the gangsters in D.C. are using as excuses for cracking down on Americans' freedoms have been carried out by the government itself. As Alex Jones always says, they operate using a program of problem-->reaction-->solution. They cause the problem, they provoke a reaction, then they get what they want as a result. Isn't it odd that the loser Congressman pushing this new bill is a Democrat? I thought that the liberals were all for freedom and against stripping citizens of their rights...

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