Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Attack of the Brain-Eating Vaccines

It sounds like the plot of an unfilmed movie script from the '50s, but it's not. The government and media are pushing for vaccines (which are not really vaccines) that will make everyone happy and remove stress. What these things really are are genetically engineered viruses, herpes simplex in this case, which contain foreign DNA. The viruses are engineered to attach to and chemically block very specific neuroreceptors in the brain. The result -- it might technically be true that you get happy and feel no stress, but that is because the "vaccine" removes your brain's natural capability to sense danger and respond appropriately.

If you don't believe that such a thing is possible you can Google Gulf shrimp committing suicide and find out that the massive level of Prozac flowing into the water in the Gulf from rivers and sewage is making the shrimp "five times more likely to place themselves in life-threatening situations." Normally shrimp hide from predators in the dark and among seaweed clumps, inside of porous rocks, etc. Now, thanks to your friends at Eli Lily who manufacture it and the government, who are secretly putting it in the water, the shrimp are swimming right up to predators because their neural systems have lost the inhibition against dangerous behavior.

A vaccine is a shot that is supposed to protect you from being infected by a virus. Yes, usually they are composed of whole virions or parts of them so that your immune system has the antibodies to fight off the dangerous, live virus if you come into contact with it in the environment. These new shots the government wants to give you actually give you a new virus, one genetically engineered literally to attach to your brain and alter your behavior.

Now Google "brain eating vaccines" -- you will find dozens of articles from other media outlets talking about the PrisonPlanet story. Alex Jones made the term the number one Google Trend yesterday by asking his listeners to search for it. It rocketed to #1 and stood there for a couple hours before Google techs went in and manually deleted it from the trends. The same thing has happened over the last ten days over and over in this new experiment from Jones. Youtube deleted the only high-quality, full-length version of The Obama Decption a couple weeks ago -- regular users are only allowed to post 10-minute videos. Not even Jones has a "director's account," which was only available in the early days of YouTube before it became a household name. So some guy had one of those rare accounts and had 2 million or so views. YouTube deleted it, along with any evidence that so many people had watched it.

Alex made such a stink about it on the radio that Google, who own YouTube, did something they've only ever done once before -- restore the video along with all of its stats. According to their FAQ, that is impossible to do, but evidently not if you're in legal trouble. So since then he's been having people make this or that the number one Trend, because each time that happens, hundreds of mainstream media outlets who watch for new trends and write about them disseminate the stories.

Ask yourself why Google would manually delete "brain eating vaccines" when it sounds patently ridiculous on its face. If it were a silly lie that these things are dangerous, they'd leave it up and make Alex Jones look like a fool and a jackass. But now it is admitted that Google is tied very closely to the CIA -- just last week it was at the top of Drudge that the CIA funded Google's creation through the government front operation In-Q-Tel. The next day they admitted that the CIA and Google have partnered with a company called Recorded Future to monitor and produce "real-time dossiers" on you. Google is the Internet intelligence arm of the CIA -- that's why the two losers who created the company are allowed to park their jumbo jet on NASA property in California -- they are partners with the government and funded by it.

They, the mysterious they, do not want you to know about "brain eating vaccines" because they are real and they are headed to a physician near you soon if you let it happen. Or not even to your doctor, but your postman. Check my stupid blog for an entry on how Soetoro signed an executive order to allow the USPS, escorted by armed police, to forcibly medicate and vaccinate you. There are reasons why stories like all of these are announced together -- part of the globalists' sick game is to announce everything they do before they do it. I guess it makes it funnier for them when no one does anything to stop them because it all sounds so ludicrous, so laughable, like those bad '50s horror movies.

I think part of the reason that I am so committed to my insane conspiracy theories and trying to warn you all is because the mechanisms that are being used to enslave and eventually kill us are all based in biology, chemistry, genetics, and in computers and other high-tech fields. I was already interested and had studied those things before 9/11 happened and before I first started listening to Jones a couple years after that. It's been a long journey from watching him blow his stack on public access TV in Austin back in the day, to believing a little bit, to now not only believing 90% but being able to go through the news on my own on some days and come up with the same thoughts that I later hear him talk about on the show.

It's a scientific dictatorship, as he says. It's happening and it's being openly announced, a bit almost every day. You don't even have to do your own news searching -- Drudge is on board to such an extent now that his headlines on any given day are essentially a summary of the Alex Jones Show. I wish more people would believe. I don't plan on being made to take a "brain-eating vaccine." If they are rolled out it will not be to make you "happy" and "stree-free," but to make you docile and unwilling and unable to resist the takeover.

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