Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pansy Raid

Watch as the cowards in the Venice, CA police department raid a dangerous nest of criminal terrorists with their guns drawn... No, not an al-CIAda cell or Mexican narcotics gang warehouse, but Rawesome Foods, a health food store. Their crime? Selling raw dairy products, of course. The government does not like people consuming raw dairy products because their nutritional value has not been devastated by the destructive process of pasteurization. People who consume raw, organic foods are healthier, stronger, more mentally acute and thus more likely to cause problems for the globalists. Healthy people with strong minds are dangerous to the government, therefore, they get SWATted. When is the tipping point whereupon the people will have had enough and decide to swat back?


  1. Is this the full story? Raw milk can legally be sold in California.