Friday, August 6, 2010

Take Two

BP May Try Again to Tap Same Resevoir

What a marvelous idea this is! BP can certainly be trusted to do the job right the next time, since they did such heroic job cleaning up the mess they caused with their first attempt to drill. This has to be a sick joke from the globalists. Even floating the idea that BP would attempt to drill another well to tap that petroleum cavern, and the idea that the government would let them, would be laughable if it weren't so serious.

I guess the greedy Brits want to try and get some of the oil into tankers so that they can beef up their profits, dividends and, most importantly, the bonuses given to the losers that run the company. I'm not backing off my theory -- the well, capped at the head or not, is no longer the main issue. The problem continues to be the other vents which are in play and which continue to spew oil, methane and toxins into the water. The 18 which the Russian scientist found, about which I wrote yesterday, and the "giant roiling cauldron" some seven miles away from Wells A and B.

Unless they nuke the entire site the petroleum will continue coming out from those vents for years, so why not drill another well, see if BP can siphon some of it out, like sticking a tiny straw into a swimming pool and sucking as much out as they can to sell on the market. And maybe it could be done safely, if a rig were used which actually had a good safety record and not just a gold sticker on its report card from the verminous Barry Soetoro.

If alarms were not shut off, if there were not two bickering commanders on board, if the engineer in charge were not unqualified, if the captain had never run an operation like it before, if key safety equipment known to be damaged and inoperable were replaced or repaired instead of ignored and if, allegedly, a team of operatives disguised as Bureau of Land Management officials do not plant explosives on the rig during a unique "inspection," in order to destroy the black box recorders and other evidence, maybe it would be safe.

The evidence is so overwhelming that this was a terror operation designed to allow Soetoro to get the carbon tax the globalists want so badly... And you'll note that just as soon as Congress announced that crap-and-trade was off the table, all of a sudden the crisis vanished, practically overnight. Well capped, static killed, no more oil, crisis over, vote Democrat in November. And now BP want a second chance. People in the five Gulf states should be protesting both at BP's regional offices and at their state capitols screaming no, no more chances for BP. Attempting to tap that reservoir is a bad idea but if any company is allowed to try it it should be an American energy firm. F' you, BP, get out of my country. No take two for you.

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