Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's In A Name?

BP Stations Consider Reverting Name to Amoco

A large number of Americans are very stupid, but not so much that BP gas stations tearing down their current signs and replacing them with the old Amoco logos will fool them. If the stations where they've been fueling their vehicles for years under the BP moniker suddenly says Amoco all over, no one will fall for the trick. I feel sorry for the small business owners who chose the BP franchise -- it's not their fault that the globalists picked the company they affiliated with to perform the Gulf oil terrorist operation, just bad luck. In any case, people should not boycott the convenience stores themselves, just choose to purchase gas at other locations. BP gets no money from the things that people buy inside the stores, only the gasoline and oil. People should actually choose to buy convenience items from BP's franchisees in order to help support their fellow Americans in a difficult time. Just do not ever put a drop of BP/Dutch Royal Shell fuel in their tanks again.

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