Sunday, August 1, 2010


Claims of Racism haunt House Ethics Charges

The Politico is nothing more than a globalist mouthpiece, a member of their propaganda division. Read the article where they try to inject non-existent racism into the charges swirling around Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters. They suggest that the only reason the pair are simultaneously facing ethics charges is because they are black. I suggest that their reputations have been blackened because they are guilty. They are criminals.

But it's worse than that. I present to you a theory that it is quite the opposite to what Politico would like you to believe. I'll spin this 180 degrees back to reality. The reason why the two were able to get away with their crimes for so long is precisely because of their race, not in spite of it. The only reason that Rangel, 80 years old and in Congress for a stunning 40 of those, could be re-elected over and over, cheat, embezzle and steal over and over, and get away with it again and again, is because he is of a protected minority.

Affirmative action and media programming have ensured that "white America" is reflexively protective of black people, that we trip over ourselves to make certain that blacks have more opportunity than the rest, that are treated more fairly than others. The lie of white racism against black in the 21st century is one of the greatest ever perpetrated by the media. It does not exist as an institution -- it was wiped out decades ago. Reverse discrimination is the current state of affairs but it is only mentioned in hushed tones between family and friends, you can't talk about it out loud, and the media never even hint at it.

Charlie has been rankled and Maxine watered down by their own crimes, not because they are "African-American." Their careers, reputations and futures have been blackened because they chose to break the rules, not because of their skin color. They made their own beds, now it's time for them to go away and sleep in them. I don't know what Politico are bitching about -- Nancy Lugosi has already announced that Rankle will only face a reprimand, which is the House's equivalent of saying "bad kitty, bad!" Nothing will happen to either in terms of a prison sentence, and neither is likely to face fines. They will be allowed to quietly retire with the full, ridiculous pension that Congress members enjoy once they finally leave public "service." These two fiends should be so lucky that they are in a protected class. As for the rest of the criminals who populate the House and Senate, every single one must be rooted out, booted out and charged, no matter what race, religion, or sexuality they belong to.

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