Monday, August 2, 2010

Receipt Deceit

BPA Found In Paper Receipts 1000X Higher Than Food Containers

I've warned you before about bisphenol-A in plastic beverage and food containers, that it was the one plastic chosen decades ago by world governments out of thousands of available plastic compounds because it leeches estrogen-mimicking chemicals into the water and food it contains... That it causes cancer and infertility, especially in young boys... Now it turns out that what you buy at the grocery store is not the biggest danger.

CBS News, Fox and others have picked up a new study that found alarmingly high levels of BPA in 40% of paper receipts that were tested, some with 1000 times the concentration found in food and drink containers. This is not an accident any more that it was accident that the federal government chose to approve only the one type of plastic that kills and sterilizes you. Out of probably tens of thousands of available ink compounds, the one used in 40% of store receipts just happens to be one thousand times more poisonous? True coincidences are rare, and this is not one of them. Next time the cashier asks whether you want your receipt, tell them no, then tell them why. We must raise the public's consciousness on issues like these.

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