Thursday, August 5, 2010

[x+1] = Invasion of Privacy

Private Corp. Gathers Your Online Data, Sells Your Profiles

It's not just CIA+Google spying on your Internet activities and compiling behavioral profiles for command-and-control purposes, private companies are doing it for profit as well. This company, with the very linear algebraic name of [x+1] dompiles their own sort of dossier on you based mostly on technology you never would know is spying on you. Hidden web browser cookies, Adobe Flash cookies, single-pixel fake images and many more tricks are being used to secretly track your web browsing, chatting, emailing, Facebook and Myspace profiles, your tweeting, just about anything you do when connected to the Internet. But don't worry, the company allegedly does not attach your name to the profile they create of you in their databases. They don't have to. Other companies know who lives at your address, who has your phone number, who signed up for your email address and social networking accounts. It's very simple to put [x+1]'s data together with data often freely available from other sources and come up with you.

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